Remote Support may be the best remote-support-kgasolution you can have for your systems. Through this service, you get access to anything and everything you need with your PC, Mac, through the same platform, or even through your mobile device.

Among the key features of our Remote Support Service include:

  • Live, Real-Time support to PC, MAC, and even mobile devices
  • Control and access event to unattended PC
  • Central management of tech teams, accounts, and groups
  • Mobile management via iPad and Android devices

With our Remote Support Service, clients are able to access their devices anytime and anywhere they may need to; maximizing efficiency and facilitating effective communication among key persons in the organization as well.

In addition to this, implementing and undertaking your business processes and services is made a whole lot easier with Remote Support.

  • Tracking, management, and resolution of issues are undertaken as and when needed
  • Configuration management is made a whole lot easier with a branded portal
  • Management and resolution of issue tickets are done with ease.

Tracking performance may also be done half the time with Remote Support. This monitoring includes server performance and health, IT assets, software and programs, network usage; and many others.

Our Remote Support services are tailored to your needs as an organization. As you avail of our Remote Support service, we begin with identifying your needs along with our proposed solutions for the same. We make sure that at the commencement of our service, we stick to our goal of implementing the same in the most efficient manner possible, thus, providing cost-efficient services as well.

KAG Technology Solutions Ltd is backed-up by a pool of IT professionals, equipped with the necessary skills, experience, and expertise to get the job done, and to get it done well.

Call us today to get to know more about our Remote Support Service!